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9FilmFest call for entries – apply by January 29

Celebrating its 4th year bringing professionals and emerging filmmakers together, 9FilmFest will take a step forward and open 9FestOnline. Technological advancement has given everyone who carries a cell phone, a mobile portable HD camera. Editing software is available for smartphones. … Continue reading


The Lunchbox and subtle joys of letter writing

The Lunchbox Director: Ritesh Batra Country: India Year: 2013 In the pursuit of faster and more effective communication tools, we seem to have lost their true purpose – the genuine human connection. Social media, with all its infinite possibilities, has become mostly a stage for lifestyle exhibitionism, … Continue reading

Reviewing Filipino cinema

Book review: Bienvenido Lumbera “Re-Viewing Filipino Cinema”

Bienvenido Lumbera Re-Viewing Filipino Cinema Bienvenido Lumbera is a highly acclaimed Filipino poet, critic and dramatist. Among his literally work, he contributed a lot to film studies too. Re-Viewing Filipino Cinema is yet another contribution. It is a collection of author’s articles … Continue reading


Interview with Chinese documentary filmmaker Zou Xueping

The Folk Memory Project, launched by Wu Wenguang in 2010, has combined the creative approach of documentary filmmaking with humanities-based mission of collecting oral histories from the survivors of the darkest historical periods in Chinese history. With primary focus on … Continue reading