On the Way

On The Way (我在路上最爱你, 길 위에서) Director: Kim Poog-ki Written: Kim Poog-ki Country: China, South Korea Year: 2014 Review by Craig McGeady “On the Way” is a Romantic Drama starring Ji Jin-Hee (지진희, 池珍熙) from South Korea and Huang Shengyi (黃聖依) from … Continue reading


Harakiri (切腹) Director: Masaki Kobayashi Written: Shinobu Hashimoto, Yasuhiko Takiguchi Country: Japan Year: 1962 Review by Mohamed Sultan Kobayashi was one of the rebels of Japanese cinema, most of his films dealt with political material – which acted as a … Continue reading

But Always

But Always (一生一世) Director: Snow Zou Written: Snow Zou Country: China Year: 2014 Review by Craig McGeady “But Always” had a simultaneous release globally on September 5th, though Australia and New Zealand jumped the gun slightly and made it available … Continue reading

On The Job

On the Job Director: Erik Matti Writing: Erik Matti, Michiko Yamamoto Country: The Philippines Year: 2013  Review by Agne Ser Erik Matti paces “On the Job” with a temper of Guy Ritchie and engrosses into grit and blood with a … Continue reading


Graceland Director: Ron Morales Written: Ron Morales Country: The Philippines Year: 2012 Review by Agne Ser The director Ron Morales takes the social problems of the Philippines strips them down and shows them bare naked in his gritty, dark film … Continue reading


Service (Serbis) Director: Brillante Mendoza Written: Armando Lao, Boots Agbayani Pastor Country: The Philippines Year: 2008 Review by Agne Ser Brilliante (Dante) Mendoza came into the film industry later in his life – at the age of 45, and started … Continue reading

The Top 5 Bolo Yeung Movies

The Top 5 Bolo Yeung Movies Review by Henry Croft Thanks to his scene-stealing performances in Enter the Dragon and Bloodsport, Bolo Yeung has become one of the most iconic cult move villains of all time, up there with the … Continue reading

Oro, plata, mata

Oro, plata, mata Director: Peque Gallaga Written: Jose Javier Reyes, Peque Gallaga Country: The Philippines Year: 1982 Review by Agne Ser Peque Gallaga – a talented Filipino director has a lot of films in his filmography. However, he is mostly … Continue reading


 Himala Director: Ishmael Bernal Written: Ricardo Lee Country: The Philippines Year: 1982 Review by Agne Ser A true classic from a master of Golden Age of Filipino cinema Ishmael Bernal stands the test of time and is just as relevant … Continue reading