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meFilm Blogger, founder of The Asian Cinema Blog – Agne Serpytyte

I come from a small country, far far away, next to other small countries, mine is called Lithuania. Many people have heard of it, even more have not. So why does a person from Lithuania start a blog about cinema from the East. The answer is simple – I love it. I have grown up watching mostly Hollywood movies and surrounded by narratives of the West. Asian film has very different narratives, ways of expression and can really surprise you. Not only it is different compared to West, Asian film varies in the continent.

Now, why would anyone want to listen to what I have to say? I am interested in both – Asian cultures and cinema. I have a Master degree in Modern Asian Studies – studies from the Center of Oriental studies at Vilnius University. I also studied semester in Taiwan learning Chinese Mandarin and hope to peruse learning that in future. I have traveled and lived in different Asian countries and enjoyed it.  Film has always been my passion. Few favorite books I read on the topic are The History of Film by David Parkinson and What is Film Theory? by Richard Rushton and Gary Bettinson. I also love media theory in general (my BA was connected to media studies) and you may see some references to those theories and authors in reviews.

So in general what is the blog about? Simply put is about cinema of different Asian countries. Whenever it is possible I try to focus on cultural and historical context of the movie. I try to understand the culture, the mind that brought the ideas we see in moving pictures, what archetypical narratives they retell and follow. I point out the aspects of film – technical, visual, story-telling, background of the making-of film, etc – that I enjoyed and appreciate. This is also a recommendation blog (at least for the time being) so I will review only those Asian films that I consider worthwhile to see for one or other reason.

Mission of the blog is to bring readers quality information about Asian film, expand the awareness of good Asian cinema and to gather Asian cinephiles, who want to share their appreciation to Asian movies.

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Mohamed SultanFilm Blogger – Mohamed Sultan

I have always been fascinated by film, but it wasn’t until two years ago that I realised that I wanted to become a filmmaker. Watching films, writing about them and exploring them are many of my passions. When I was very young I was mostly exposed to Hollywood films, but I was also very fortunate to become more open to many different national films. Initially, I came to London to pursue my undergraduate degree in architecture. After my architecture foundation course, I applied and got accepted for a joint honours course in the University of Derby, which included film and television studies and architecture. I have now reached my second year, and my love for film never stopped growing.

From the moment I stepped into my first lecture for my film course, the way I look at film completely changed. I studied many different cinemas of various countries, and one that I gradually fell in love with was the Asian cinema. I love Asian films, which is not a surprise since I come from a tiny Island in the Middle East called Bahrain. There is an enormous and exceptional amount of material in the East to be viewed, which makes me excited because I cannot imagine a world without the artistic style and vision of Asian films. I am truly obliged to be on this team of Asian cinema lovers and I can’t wait to share with you what I have!

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Film Blogger, Filmmaker and Poet – Craig McGeady

Craig is Kiwi born and has a background in both film studies and theatre. He has lived for the past 11 years in South Korea before moving to China. In that time has developed an affinity for Asian narratives in film, books and poetry. He loves writing and has a passion for old books and especially likes exploring second hand book stores in search of lost treasures.

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Martynas KlimasGame blogger, film enthusiast – Martynas Klimas

Writes so much about video games that he’d like to write about something else for a change. Likes reviewing so much that he has reviewed shopping malls and cheap beer. Going for Asian cinema is trying to reach for higher cultural cell. After all, the mainstream is kind of lame as of late.




Filmmaker and Blogger  – Mikesh Karki 


I’m a budding filmmaker from Nepal planning to make a feature film in the near future. I’m interested in writing about film forms. I especially like long takes, off framing, static shots, POVs, low key ambient sound and unexplained actions. Being from Nepal I’ve grown up in bollywood movies, but now as I’ve developed my own taste I’m more inclined towards movies that are more personal including directors like Lynch, Mani Kaul, Tsai Ming Liang and Tarkovsky. Apart from movies, I like reading Dostoevsky, Proust and Musil. In the far far future, I would like to write a novel as well.

To be able to write one has to believe in something and to check whether the thing one knows is right one has to debate, and to open the possibility of debate one has to express and I’ve chosen this as my mode of expression. I’m grateful to be a part of The Asian Cinema Blog and hope to both give and learn from it. Thank you, for reading this little narcissistic info.




hueiyinchenFilm enthusiast – Huei-Yin Chen

I have found it difficult to live without cinema since my college years, and yet there were always some precious little moments in the movie theaters, between me and what has played out on the big screen as the trigger of my plunge into this big pool of Kaleidoscopic imagery. No regrets.

I come from a beautiful small country named Taiwan. My love of Asian Cinema is probably understandable, and yet it’s only when I moved to New York to pursuit my MA degree in Film Studies that I realized the importance of continuing my writing about Asian Cinema. This realization only grows over time. I am very thankful to be part of The Asian Cinema Blog team, and hope you will enjoy reading my articles!




Chelsea McGill  – International Film and Literature Blogger

A specialist in Linguistic Anthropology and South Asian studies, I collect and review international films.Since my research background is in Bengal, most of the films I will review for this site are in Bengali, from both Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. I also review movies from other parts of the subcontinent and beyond. I’m a big fan of classic films, so you will see reviews of obscure, older movies.

My day job is editing academic works, both for a major academic publisher in Bangladesh and freelance. You can check out my blog at thegloballycurious.blogspot.in for more reviews of international movies and literature or get in touch with me on twitter @chelsea_mcgill4.


HarrisonChuteMedia Blogger – Harrison Chute

Born in South Korea and raised in the US, Harrison Chute recently completed the existential journey endemic to all such twinkies, and is now open to experiences and cinema the world over. Anime enthusiasm was a consequence of science-fiction fandom, China has its martial arts, and now, there’s a special interest in Korean film. Maybe he’ll find some answers there.
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  • Good stuff. I like Asian cinema a lot.

  • Nitin Kakria

    Your blog is really amazing. I appreciate your efforts.
    If you like please do a favor for me. Please review this Japanese movie for me. It’s “Petal Dance” by the director Hiroshi Ishikawa. I have this opinion about the movie:

    “I don’t know whether critics would appreciate this movie or not but it’s really a masterpiece, in my opinion. With utmost simplicity, beauty and least dialogue, this movie would take you to the deep ocean of your feelings. As far as plot is concerned it’s might not be what you are looking for; but if you have some artistic taste, this is meant for you.

    Sometimes its better not to give form to your thoughts in terms of words, instead it becomes necessary to just feel the dynamic and ever changing world around you and inside you. I think this movie is an example of this concept.

    Stop trying to find solution, surrendering yourself before life and again gaining hope and liveliness from it, just like that legendary Pheonix who takes birth again from it’s ashes; that’s the beauty of this piece of art. Sometimes solution lies in not to find any solution and this art piece seems to me a beautiful example.

    I don’t think many movies have been produced on these methodologies. Where Su-ki-da was a bit long, though it was great just like this movie, director Ishikawa has proved this something like a piece of perfection. This may seem a bit slow for some but for me this is appropriate.”

    I want your opinion about this movie as it seems like something which I never watched before and the concept and art is bit hard to explain in words, that’s why I want to know your ideas about the same.


    • Hi Nitin!
      Thanks for kind words about the blog, I am very pleased you are enjoying it!
      And thank you for recommendation. I will check this movie out and write a review. Might take some time, but it will be done 🙂

      • Nitin Kakria

        Thanks. I am looking forward to it.

  • Tina Chen

    Hi Agne,
    Nice to meet you today at the reading club gathering. This blog is really nice! I’m following as a fan here. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Tina. Was a pleasure meeting you and I hope you will enjoy the blog!

  • catlady

    I’m so excited about the blog, I hope you guys never stop <3