Harakiri (切腹) Director: Masaki Kobayashi Written: Shinobu Hashimoto, Yasuhiko Takiguchi Country: Japan Year: 1962 Harakiri (English Subtitled) on Amazon. Kobayashi was one of the rebels of Japanese cinema, most of his films dealt with political material – which acted as … Continue reading

The Art Cinema of Takeshi Kitano and Park Chan-wook

  In 1954, French filmmaker and film critic Francois Truffaut presented the possibility of giving film an artistic status by introducing the idea of film authorship, or auteurism. This shined the light at many filmmakers at that time mostly from … Continue reading

Essay: The Brilliance of Branded to Kill as a Result of National Limitations

Branded to Kill (殺しの烙印) Director: Seijun Suzuki Country: Japan Year: 1967 “Branded to Kill” (The Criterion Collection) on Amazon. Seijun Suzuki was as an eccentric character, a filmmaker who was indeed ahead of his time. His brilliance, however, didn’t simply generate … Continue reading

Pan Nalin "Valley of Flowers" cover

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers Director: Pan Nalin Writer(s): Pal Nalin, Sarah Besan Shennib, Anurag Kashyap Country: India, Germany, France Year: 2005 “Valley of Flowers” on Amazon. “Valley of Flowers” is a mystical romance of epic proportion directed by Pan Nalin (best … Continue reading

Masaki Kobayashi "Kwaidan" poster


Kwaidan (怪談) Country: Japan Writer(s): Mizuki Yoko Director: Masaki Kobayashi Year: 1965 “Kwaidan” on Amazon. Kwaidan (pronounced Kaidan) is probably one of the most unique films that one could possibly find within the exceptionally large number of arthouse Asian films. I … Continue reading

Humanity and Paper Balloons

Humanity and Paper Balloons (人情紙風船) Director: Sadao Yamanaka Written: Sintaro Mimura Country: Japan Year: 1937 Sadao Yamanaka Collection (3 Films) on Amazon. “Humanity and Paper Ballons” is a great example of jidaigeki genre, which depicts earlier periods of Japanese history, … Continue reading

Hayao Miyazaki "Princess Mononoke" poster

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke (もののけ姫) Director: Hayao Miyazaki Written: Hayao Miyazaki Country: Japan Year: 1997 “Princess Mononoke” on Amazon. Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli made Japanese animation (or anime) popular all around the world. Miyazaki tells complex stories though masterful imagery that encompasses … Continue reading

Takashi Miike "Audition" poster


Audition (オーディション) Director: Takashi Miike Written: Daisuke Tengan Country: Japan Year: 1999 “Audition” on Amazon. I have to admit it took time to decide whether to review this movie or not. The reason being that it took some time to … Continue reading

Takeshi Kitano "Zatoichi" poster


Zatoichi (座頭市) Director: Takeshi Kitano Written: Takeshi Kitano Country: Japan Year: 2003 “Zatoichi” on Amazon. There are already many films and TV series about the blind masseur, gambler and swordsman, Zatoichi, a fictional character created by Kan Shimozawa (Source: Wikipedia). … Continue reading


Rashomon (羅生門) Director: Akira Kurosawa Written: Akira Kurosawa, Shinobu Hashimoto Country: Japan Year: 1950 “Rashomon” (The Criterion Collection) on Amazon. I think it is fitting that my first Japanese movie to review would be one made by the master filmmaker … Continue reading