Interview with Chinese documentary filmmaker Zou Xueping

The Folk Memory Project, launched by Wu Wenguang in 2010, has combined the creative approach of documentary filmmaking with humanities-based mission of collecting oral histories from the survivors of the darkest historical periods in Chinese history. With primary focus on … Continue reading

Christopher Ad Castillo

“Creation is the most important thing people can do in their lifetime” – an interview with filmmaker Christopher Ad Castillo

Christopher Ad Castillo about arts of filmmaking, inspiration, Filipino film industry and experience growing up as a son of legendary filmmaker. Were you inspired by your father to take up the camera or did the inspiration came later? I have … Continue reading

From George Lucas on drugs to gangs of New York: A conversation with Raymond Chu

Starbucks has this particular cozy feeling you can’t mistake with anything else, especially during Christmas time. This is where my meeting with actor, filmmaker, producer Raymond Chu started – surrounded by steamy clouds of coffee scent and Christmas tunes. I asked him to tell … Continue reading

Interview: Brian Bennett, founder of 9FilmFest

  Brian Bennett is founder of Bangkok Film Festival that later became 9FilmFest. This short film competition encourages young filmmakers to take up the challenge and show their skills. I had a chance to talk to Brian about his creation … Continue reading