The Demilitarized Soldier of Joint Security Area [VIDEO ESSAY]

Joint Security Area (JSA) ( 공동경비구역)

Director: Park Chan-wook

Country: South Korea

Year: 2000

Park Chan-wook’s Joint Security Area is on one level a moving drama, but on another is an all-too rare argument against the cynicism that pervades our thoughts and discussions about world peace. By framing characters as talking points for real-world military conditioning, the film creates a dialogue where North and South Korean soldiers find some common ground. It’s a heartwarming film, and ultimately one that leaves you with some hope for the future.

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Harrison Chute

Born in South Korea and raised in the US, Harrison Chute recently completed the existential journey endemic to all such twinkies, and is now open to experiences and cinema the world over. Anime enthusiasm was a consequence of science-fiction fandom, China has its martial arts, and now, there’s a special interest in Korean film. Maybe he’ll find some answers there.