Do you want to write about Asian cinema?

The Asian Cinema Blog is looking for passionate movie reviewers who would want to show their passion for Asian film in writing. If you are currently writing reviews or ever wondered about that – give us a note info [at]

Are you:

  • Knowledgeable about Asian cultures and willing to learn more when writing reviews?
  • Eager to explore films in deeper perspectives – either through film theory or cultural/historical?
  • We are mostly looking for people to write about areas of Asia not yet covered: The Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia.
  • Also looking for people to write about Asian film news and upcoming movies.
  • Maybe you would like to write profiles of Asian film directors, actors, producers, cinematographers, screenwriters and other people in the industry?
  • We also welcome essays on Asian film.

Whatever you are keen about and your interest is – don’t hesitate to contact: info [at]

  • I’m a lover of Japanese cinema and write a blog on blogger about Japanese movies i would like to contribute, since all too often i read
    western critics reviews which leave a lot to be desired, and often bare much resemblance to the actual movies. My blog is somewhat different, it is a very personal synopsis about Japanese movies, those that have inspired me or touched me emotionally in some deep fashion.
    thank you

    • Agne Ser

      Great! It is so true, many of movie blogs just write what happened in the movie and if they liked it or not. There is a lack of more in-depth reviews out there, especially for Asian cinema.
      You can write us an email and we can work out the details how we can cooperate:

  • Craig McGeady

    Greetings, I’ve been based in South Korea and have been writing for a film blog here for the last two years. I will be moving to China later this month and hope to continue writing my reviews and avidly attending festivals. I would love to be able to post to your site if i have something you’d been interested in.

    You can see examples of my writing in the links below.


  • Craig McGeady

    Great to hear, many thanks. It might take me a little bit to get settled then I’ll send something on to you.

    • Awesome. Looking forward to. Where in China are you moving to?

  • Craig McGeady

    I’ll be living in Xuzhou. Handy to both Beijing and Shanghai.

    • Cool. Well I live in Taiwan, so not that far.

  • Rory Man

    Hi all, I’m new to the board. I’m half Asian and half white. I have directed 8 movies and was wondering if there were any film festivals you would recommend for me. Currently, 7 of those movies are short films with the oldest being shot in 2008 and the latest finalized in 2014. Also, if anyone would like to review any of the movies, I’d be happy to take constructive criticism.

    Thank you all!

  • gaurav manral

    asian cenima is are growing up fastly ,,,