Memories of Murder

Memories of Murder (살인의 추억) Director: Bong Joon-ho Written: Bong Joon-ho, Kwang-rim Kim, Sung Bo Shim Country: South Korea Year: 2003 Watch Memories of Murder on Amazon. After viewing the movie the first time I was not sure what to … Continue reading

On The Job

On the Job Director: Erik Matti Writing: Erik Matti, Michiko Yamamoto Country: The Philippines Year: 2013 On the Job on Amazon. Erik Matti paces “On the Job” with a temper of Guy Ritchie and engrosses into grit and blood with … Continue reading

Byeong-gil Jeong "Confession of Murder" cover

Confession of Murder

Confession of Murder (내가 살인범이다) Director: Byeong-gil Jeong Writer(s): Byeong-gil Jeong Country: South Korea Year: 2012 “Confession of Murder” on Amazon.  Most popular Korean films made for international distribution tend to be about vengeance, murder and injustice. “Confessions of Murder” follows … Continue reading