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In this weeks edition:

PK movieCover story: new movie with Aamir Khan “PK” stroke some sensitive cords in Indian society and is condemned by Hindu nationalists. Meanwhile local and international crowds love it.





Russian hit “Leviathan” critiquing authoritarian rule of the county today. Movie compared to Chinese Jia Zhangke’s “A Touch of Sin”.



the taking of tiger mountain


China’s modern classic “The Taking of Tiger Mountain” is made into a 3D blockbuster.




General Tso


The Search of General Tso” will take you deep into China’s history and culinary.




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And Happy New Year 2015!

Agne Serpytyte

Agne Serpytyte

“The Asian Cinema Blog” is my hobby project. As a major in Asian studies and cinephile, I combined my passion for Asian cultures and film into the creation of my blog. I write reviews about Asian film and Film festivals, as well as interview movie industry professionals.
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